Love is human's, whenever and wherever, it is the oldest and fresh topic of human. It's human nature to yearn and cling to. Love makes people young, love also makes people old; love can make everything, love can destroy everything. Love needs bread. Love is, but it is. Love's survival is far from enough, love is not a castle in the air, emotion also needs bread. "Mutual help" is the combination of mutual emotion and survival ability. We often put and opposite, in fact, in addition to emotion, we will encounter the problem of "bread". "The poor and the lowly husband and wife are sad for everything", a beggar husband and wife can't have a happy love life. In the face of the pressure of survival, love is often pale. Talk about love with bread, maybe it will be sweeter and more romantic. Love needs distance and space. Hometown is inseparable from relatives and people are inseparable from each other. People in love need a little distance. As Schopenhauer's fable that winter hedgehog in the snow, close to tie pain, far from enough to resist the cold. Distance produces aesthetic feeling. There is a little distance tension between each other, which can create a hazy beauty, and it can tighten the ties between the two people. People's spiritual world is a rich garden, which needs relative independence. Everyone needs some space, not only physical space, but also space. Without this space, love cannot. Love needs to be renewed. There is eternal love in the world, but there is no frozen love. Love is a river, its source must have enough water, in order to run forever. This source of water comes from the emotional exchange and integration of the two people and the sublimation and deepening of their understanding of love. Love is the most delicate flower, and her most vivid emotion survives. She needs sincere sunshine, soil, spring breeze and loving drizzle. People who love each other only when they are close to each other, blend with each other, care for and understand each other as well, and love will not dry up. Love will only die, not grow old. It should be the result of love, not the end of love. Love needs tolerance. No matter how close their relationship is, they will have different ideas. In this way, conflict is inevitable. Voltaire said, "what is tolerance? It is characteristic of. Let's forgive each other's stupidity. This is the first law of nature. " Time is the natural enemy of love. Love needs to overcome time, tolerance rather than possession, and warmth rather than passion. Love needs gentleness.